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Independent Advice

Independent advice – gives you more than you may think

“Banks now own or control up to 80% of the country’s financial planners” 

ABC 1, 5 MAY 2014

The vast majority of financial providers in Australia who insinuate they are independent – are not. If a financial advisor receives commissions or is aligned with a licensee that has others who receives commissions, they are not technically independent.

Stephan Strategic is one of only a select group of Financial Planning practices that are truly independent. To achieve this, we are privately owned and do not receive any commission or incentives. We are not aligned with any other organisation in Australia.  There is no conflict of interest. The only fees we receive are from clients.

Our clients are the most important stakeholders to us and are not just a means to an end.

Our complete independence means we remain objective and construct financial plans [or financial strategies].

We are a practicing member of the Independent Financial Advisers Association of Australia Gold Standard of IndependenceTM .  Click here to review the Gold Standard of Independence criteria that we meet.

We recommend strategies, not products.

Some of our plans will not include any product or service recommendations. If our financial plan does recommend purchasing the use of a product or service, any third party we recommend will do not be aligned with  influence us financially us in anyway.

They will not pay us any commissions or incentives.

“The first step to understanding where you are heading with your money”

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