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Meet The Team

Together, our team works with similar values. Individually we approach each plan from a different professional angle. Our expertise combines to produce a financial plan with your best interests in mind.


Joe Stephan

Independent financial advisor

It’s easy to say that Joe is passionate about providing every client with exceptional financial advice. Once you meet Joe, you’ll see it’s true.

Joe’s role is to ensure you completely understand your financial plan so you can make informed decisions. To achieve this, Joe will spend quality time with you, understand your needs and ask valued questions.

Behind the scenes, Joe coaches tomorrow’s financial planners and is a featured author of

Outside the office, Joe loves spending time with his wife Laura, watching the Bombers play and growing his coral reef in his home aquarium.

James Stephan

Independent financial advisor

Every team needs a stats man and for us, it’s James. He has the patience to undertake extensive research and the skill to use it wisely.

James is our Technical Guru, Project Manager and Client Advisor all rolled into one. Once his research is complete, James will remain involved in the production of your financial plan.

With incredible attention to detail, James’ financial plans feature strategies that clients easily identify with - and are comfortable implementing.

Leading a balanced life is important for James. He's heavily into heavy haulers, a group fitness exercise program, that involves hauling tyres around at the break of dawn amongst other challenges. As well as keeping fit and healthy, James loves to spend time with his wife and family and exploring the vast array of restaurant and cafe options Melbourne has to offer.

Sandra Phillips

Client services manager

Every operation needs a professional who ensures all wheels are turning in the same direction. Sandra ensures everything is in order – from her desk, to our plans.

When important information is required, Sandra ensures it is received. She creates structure around every task which means every step of your plan is completed on time.

There’s more to Sandra than managing an office and a team of busy financial experts. She loves spending time with her husband, two children and her extended family. She keeps busy watching her kids play sport, socialising with friends, walking her dog and participates in Yoga and Massage classes. She also loves to attend as many AFL games as possible with her family to watch the mighty Collingwood Magpies.


Behind the scenes, the Stephan Strategic team incorporates a number of independent, advisory panels:

The Board

A team of independent experts, work with Joe & James to determine business directions.

Best Practises

Every industry, including the Financial Planning industry have their own governing body or ombudsmen. We’ve taken the extra step and formed our own “Best Practice Committee”. This third party, independent body of finance and investment professionals, collaborates to ensure the advice and strategies we prepare are at the cutting edge.

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