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Our Heritage

Experience counts

In 1995, Magdy Stephan was a foundation advisor and supported the establishment of a boutique financial planning dealer group. Magdy looked at financial planning with a new approach. He believed “when we see someone who wants advice, our idea is not to look at the person’s wealth, but to look at financial health, as doctors do”.  Just as your Doctor will ask you to visit for a regular check – so will we.

Like Father, like Sons

Joe & James incorporate the principles of Magdy to create the values of today’s Stephan Strategic.  It works. Some of our current clients have been implementing our financial advice since the 90’s.



Independence Day

Joe and James saw that the concept of receiving ‘pure financial advice’ was something foreign to most Australians.

By applying for and receiving an independent financial advice license, Stephan Strategic continues to be financial planning pioneers.

For a detailed review of what it means to be truly independent, this article, printed in “Independent Financial Advice” publication, features an interview with Joe Stephan.

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